Penny poses inside wearing a Post University t-shirt and holding a Post University orange water bottle as she smiles at the camera

Penny Goes to College

Most people say that kids with intellectual disabilities fall off a cliff when they turn 18 and complete their time in high school. Even though

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dark-tinted photo of a purple and a yellow tulip

Training in Love

What if the hardships we face could be seen as training in love? I’ve been reading John Mark Comer’s latest book, Practicing the Way. He

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candid photo of Amy Julia's family grouped together smiling for a selfie outside in front of a house

Turning 47

47 is not a milestone birthday. We didn’t have a party. I didn’t receive any extraordinary gifts. I did, however, receive a pair of the

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photo of geese flying against a dark blue sky that lightens toward the bottom

God Loves You

God loves you. It’s the most basic message.  It is central to the entire Bible.  It is central to Jesus’ teachings.  It is central— foundational—to

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