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photo of a hand holding the book Never Enough

Never Enough

“Not good enough.”   It’s a phrase that shows up in my head uninvited, with regularity. (And yes, for those of you wondering, I am

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field of sunflowers against a sunset

Esteem Without Ego

“I’m really good at drawing.” It’s a very matter-of-fact statement made by Emily, a participant in the show Down for Love. She knows that this

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flooded river lined by green trees

Life’s Raging River

The rains have been intense around here lately. And these days our life as a family feels uncomfortably like this river. I’m wondering whether we

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a dark door opening into light

Anxiety Is a Signal

One night this summer, I had an anxiety dream (that’s what I call it). I don’t have them often, but in this particular dream I’m

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