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10 Ways to Practice Resurrection

Yesterday we stood in church and sang Alleluia, and afterwards we gathered with friends and feasted and drank champagne and rejoiced with this day of remembering that the way of life is open and available and good and true and beautiful and Jesus invites us to walk with him along that path forever. 

The thing is, according to the church calendar, Easter lasts for 50 days (until the day of Pentecost). Yesterday was just the beginning of a season of celebration. 

We practice repentance and abstinence during Lent. What if we also practiced new creation, new life, full life, eternal life, love without end? 

Practicing Resurrection

Here are 10 suggestions for ways to practice resurrection in the days ahead:

  1. Start a gratitude practice by journaling or sharing with a friend or family members 
  2. Eat something sweet and consider how we can “taste and see that the Lord is good”
  3. Keep freshly cut flowers on your table throughout this season and use them as a reminder of the vibrant life God gives us (John 10:10)
  4. Take five minutes each day to calm your body and listen to a beautiful piece of music 
  5. Take five minutes each day to gaze at a painting by Makoto Fujimura
  6. Step outside and stand on the bare grass first thing every morning
  7. Memorize Philippians 4:8 and name one thing each day that is good, true, or beautiful
  8. Sing or play a musical instrument
  9. Do something fun that you wouldn’t typically do (go to a playground, spin in a circle, ride a bike, play a game)
  10.  Read one portion of Matthew 5-7 (the sermon on the mount) each day, over and over again, and consider how you are invited to walk in the way of Jesus

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