Speaking Policy

Amy Julia Becker Speaking Policy and Information

Thank you for your interest in having Amy Julia Becker speak with your group. Amy Julia is an experienced keynote speaker, panel guest, and workshop and retreat presenter.

Amy Julia speaks on:

  • reimagining family life with disability
  • why disability matters to all of us
  • how we can experience personal, spiritual, and social healing
  • inclusion and belonging
  • our common humanity
  • bridging social divisions with love
  • identity and achievement

She is happy to craft a message (or workshop and retreat sessions) and structure her time with you in the way that best serves the needs of your community. She loves engaging with people face to face about important ideas through offering true stories and thoughtful teaching, and she is also eager to engage with people and groups outside of the allotted speaking time frame while she is present for the event.

Meals, Travel, Lodging

Amy Julia requests reimbursement for travel, meals, and lodging. 

Speaking Fees


  • $300 for an hour-long online discussion with students or book club
  • $1,000 for a 60-minute online teaching or webinar
  • $1,500 for a 90-minute online teaching or webinar


  • $2,500 for one talk and discussion (one hour)
  • $5,000 for events that include two to three talks/discussions (one hour each)
  • $7,500 for events that include four talks/discussions (one hour each)

*Amy Julia is happy to offer a reduced rate for speaking at venues close to her home in western Connecticut.


The event organizer is responsible for purchasing books through a local bookstore, online, or working with Amy Julia to procure books, anticipating the number of books needed, and providing someone on-site to cover sales transactions. Amy Julia is happy to sign books, and requests that this be discussed and planned in advance, with the time and location of the book signing provided to her prior to her arrival. {Go here for details about placing an event bulk order of To Be Made Well through the publisher.}


Please fill out this form to inquire about Amy Julia’s availability to speak at your event5