What Every Woman Needs to Know about Prenatal Testing

​Insight from a Mom Who Has Been There

Advances in prenatal testing have resulted in more women than ever before being tested for atypical chromosomes and other conditions. Amy Julia offers this guide for any prospective parent looking for nonjudgmental guidance on what questions to ask before prenatal testing: 

• What is prenatal testing? What can it tell me?
• What information do I want, and why?
• What would I decide to do if prenatal testing led to a prenatal diagnosis?

Amy Julia writes as the mother of three kids, one of whom was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth. This brief guide is practical in nature, but it includes personal stories, ethical reflections, journalistic, sociological, and historical information, and a tone of compassion for parents looking for guidance on how to approach prenatal testing.

I gave birth to a child with Down syndrome when I was twenty-eight. . . . We learned that my chance of having another child with Down syndrome was one in one hundred and that chance would increase with age. . . . Along the way, we considered the practical and ethical questions that come up for all women who face decisions about prenatal testing. This book comes out of the information we’ve gathered, the stories we’ve heard, and the experience of raising a child with Down syndrome.

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