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“Penny was diagnosed with Down syndrome a few hours after she was born nearly twelve years ago. This eBook is a compilation of six essays I’ve written through the years since Penny’s birth, and one interview with Penny herself. Together they provide a portrait of a child with Down syndrome growing up. Perhaps more importantly, they provide a portrait of a mother growing up. As I write in one of the essays, ‘She will break your heart. Wide open. And you will be forever forever grateful.’

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. I hope these essays will help raise awareness that Down syndrome is a genetic condition that leads to some significant limitations and also to tremendous possibilities for life and learning and love.”


“Over the years, I have written again and again about Advent and Christmas. This year, I decided to gather many of those thoughts into one place. I edited them so they accompany the Biblical stories of Jesus’ coming and birth. If you read this one day at a time over the course of the 25 days ahead you will read through the birth narratives of Matthew, Luke, and John (and the very brief introduction to Jesus’ life in Mark). I hope and pray these pages will deepen and widen your experience of Christmas this year.”