Why I am Both Spiritual and Religious

WhyIAmBothSpiritualandReligious Like most moms, Amy Julia Becker’s days begin early and busy–bottles and breakfast, dishes and dirty laundry–and she doesn’t settle down all day. How to understand the purpose of such a life? “I long for a sense of meaning to undergird the tedium of housekeeping and the demands of caring for small children,” she writes. “But I ignore or deny those longings because to pay attention seems impractical, indulgent, and nearly impossible.”

What’s the answer? Becker, whose writing on parenthood has appeared in the New York Times, Parents, Christianity Today, and Patheos, addresses the problem of soul-draining stress with a surprising answer: Become both spiritual and religious. While being “spiritual but not religious” is a dominant trend among today’s seekers, Becker shows how true peace and solutions for life can be found in drawing on the strengths of both spiritual practices and religious doctrines and disciplines.

“Why I Am Both Spiritual and Religious” is a powerful primer on finding peace amidst chaos and strength from within weakness, and Becker is a reliable guide on the frenetic journey of contemporary life.

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Praise and Reviews

“Most of us, depending on our leanings, have an aversion to either ‘religion’ or ‘spirituality.’ Some of us cringe at both. Aware of this burden we bear, Becker ‘s reflections point readers toward the One in whom they can find life and…at last…rest.”
Margot Starbuck, author of “Small Things with Great Love, “Unsqueezed,” and “The Girl in the Orange Dress”

“Why I Am Both Spiritual and Religious” is a captivating read. In it, Amy Julia Becker teases out the reasons behind our culture?s weary disappointment in both religion and spirituality. She then describes what ?spirit-filled religion? is like and details the gifts of true rest and purpose such practice yields.
Jennifer Grant, author of “Love You More” and “MOMumental”

“What a wonderful book! In a world where so many want to separate religion from spirituality, Amy Julia Becker makes the case for why they can can must co-exist. Becker masterfully blends her beautiful storytelling with deep wisdom and offers readers a look at the wonders available to us when we learn to ‘be still and know’ God by embracing all that religion and spirituality have to offer.”
Caryn Rivadeneira, author of “Grumble Hallelujah” and “Mama’s Got a Fake ID”

“I was certain that Amy Julia Becker would write a thoughtful, insightful meditation on the topic of religious spirituality, and she did not disappoint. As a fellow mother of three, I especially resonated with her anecdotes and reflections on the challenges of developing a relationship with the God of all ages when one is in the trenches of mothering young children. But parent or not, you will find your heart, soul, strength, and mind nourished by the wisdom of Becker’s words. I highly recommend this book!”
Helen Lee, author of “The Missional Mom”; founding member of the Redbud Writers Guild