Essays on Down syndrome

Credit: Christopher Capozziello

Credit: Christopher Capozziello

“My daughter has Down syndrome. Would I ‘cure’ her if I could?”
– Vox

“A Good and Perfect Gift”
– Princeton Alumni Weekly Perspective

“Finding the Words to Talk About Disability”
– Huffington Post Parents

“Missing Out on Beautiful”
– Huffington Post Parents

“When A Little Girl With Down Syndrome Showed What’s ‘Possible'”
– ABC News

“Burdens and Blessings”
– Bloom

“Is It Harder to Have a Child with Down Syndrome?”
The New York Times, Motherlode

“Deciding Not to Screen for Down Syndrome”
The New York Times, Motherlode

“Down Syndrome: With Breakthroughs in Testing, a Choice Becomes Tougher”

“A Day in My Life, by Penny Becker”
A Day in the Life with Down syndrome

“Five Things I Wish I Had Known When My Daughter Was Born with Down Syndrome”
Chai Mommas

“Why We Need ‘Useless’ People”
Christianity Today